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This kitchen tower is a great help for a child’s daily tasks. Helper tower will help to reach a biscuitthat is on the table or wash hands or even help mommy with cooking - it gives littlemore freedom and independence to a child as well as allows a kid to be more engagedin helping parents doing their daily tasks.
Once all plates are washed and biscuits are eaten - Montessori tower can be transformed into eithera chair to sit down and take a break or even a mini table to draw something if the break is not needed.This learning stool is done in a style that will fit in any interior and has proven to be very stable so you can be sure your little one can have a dance or two on it! 
This toddler tower gets shipped disassembled, but we have made sure it is easy to put it together and attached instruction to make it even easier!


Kitchen tower dimensions:
▪️ Tower height - 88 cm | 34.64''
▪️ Tower width - 40 cm | 15.74''
▪️ First step 37.5cm x 14cm | 14.76'' x 5.51''
height from the ground 25.5cm | 10.03''
▪️ Platform 37.5cm x 28cm | 14.76'' x 11.02''
height from the ground 45.5cm | 17.91''

Table and chair dimensions:
▪️ Height - 44 cm | 17.32''
▪️ Width - 40 cm | 15.74''
▪️ Long - 72cm | 28.34''


▪ Kitchen tower is shipped de-assembled. Instruction is provided with learning tower and it is very easy to assemble.

▪ Material - birch plywood painted white/black/gray/natural/green

▪ Child friendly finish. Lacquer fulfill the requirements of the European Toy safety standard EN 71-3.

▪ As with all children's products, adult supervision is required.
▪ The colors in the pictures may differ in real life.


📌As with all children's products, adult supervision is required.

📌Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.


Production time: 14 - 20 days

The colors in the pictures may differ in real life.


Our official representive company in Norway:

Our dear Norway customers are more than welcome to make a purchase from our representive company in their website www.kjokkenhjelper.noIn their website shipping and taxes are included in the price.


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