Hello! It’s a great pleasure to welcome you in our shop. Here we want to share with you our story:

There are two of us - 'Miracle' Sandra and 'Duck' Janis. We are crazy in love in each other, just married and just doing what we love in life... We are passionate in what we do and we put all our ❤️ into it.
Woodworking is magical – it is about creating something useful and lasting, everything you see here is what we bring together in our workshop. 
Why Duck & Miracle? 'Duck' is the nickname of Janis from school days, which comes from his surname and 'Miracle' because Duck is calling me his Miracle. 
Duck is a carpenter in the third generation - he combines his own ideas with a knowledge from his grandfather and new technologies to create things differently from customary.
Duck is the soul of production and the strength of our small family. He manages that our quality of the production is at the highest level, creates amazing custom pieces that are sure to inspire and excite you... with my help, of course. He generates new ideas, puts all his effort for company’s develop. 
Meanwhile I - Miracle - am the soul of communication, the beautiful side of our company and family. I am maintaining the fast response to all your questions so that everyone can find its duckling* from our store. I am always open for conversations and I know that every single piece in our store has its own character and soul, just like you, so it is very important for everyone to find their real piece of woodwork... or duckling*.
Follow us and our little ducklings’ footsteps and become a part of the Duck Woodworks family.

* All the creation we make we name as our ducklings.

With ❤️,
Duck & Miracle 👫

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