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How long it takes to receive the cutting board after placing an order?

-The cutting board will reach it’s new owners in 2-3 weeks time from the moment you have placed your order.

Can i wash my cutting board in dishwasher ?

-No, our cutting boards should be hand washed only.

Can i place a hot cup of coffe on my cutting board ?

-Yes you can use your cutting board to serve romantic breakfast in bed with hot cup of coffe on it, but we hope that you know that a pot of hot soup straight from the oven is not the same as hot cup of coffe and won’t place it on the board, right ?

What ingredients are used in making of the cuttingboards and makeing them durable ?

- Duck and Miracle uses eco friendly materials only for manufacturing and treating the cutting boards.

Does your cutting boards have warranty ?

-If you treat your cutting board according to our instructions, it will serve you and your children as well.

Is it possible to personalize the cutting boards ?

-It is possible to engrave text/symbols of your choosing, and anything in between, starting from what you would like to tell to your loved one or just to make it special and unique for yourself.

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