We may not want our kids to grow up and become independent but this will happen regardless. What we can do is help our little once by giving them the right tools to develop their faith, independence, scope and expand their boundaries.
This sensory table will help to transform simple dinner eating or painting into unforgettable independent experience for your little ones.
It has two builted bins with covers where kid can keep his toys, school or art supplies. Other side of covers has blackboard which kid can use for drawing. It can be used with containers where you can put water, bubbles and sand.
Truly this is the best deal you can get: playing, art, homework station and dinner table. On the serious note - this product is a great help for any kid out there. It will help to develop independence. The minimalistic design is a great fit for any style of interior.

Height – 52cm | 20.47’’
Width – 45cm | 17.71’’
Length – 70cm | 27.55’’

Depth of compartment – 10cm | 3.93''
Length of compartment - 33cm | 12.99''
Width of compartment - 28cm | 11.02''

▪ Material - Solid birch
▪ Child friendly finish. Lacquer fulfill the requirements of the European Toy safety standard EN 71-3.

Producing time - 2 weeks
The colors in the pictures may differ in real life.


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