Pikler is a mini workout station for your kids, it helps little ones to develop balance and also it works out various muscle groups and lets kids to play safely not being too high from the ground.
Pikler triangle is a great help for toddlers in learning how to crawl and playfully develop balance as well as discover their body abilities which is very important for the future body evolution.
Pikler is not only helping kids to find the boundaries of their body abilities but also expands their creativity while finding different ways how to play with it.
Pikler triangle is Montessori product that made to improve kid's strength, balance and courage.
The minimalistic design is a great fit for any style of interior.

Width – 53.5cm – 21.06’’
Length - 80cm – 31.49’’
Height – 32cm - 12.59’’
Height #2 – 43cm – 16.92’’

▪ Material - birch plywood
▪ Child friendly finish. Lacquer fulfill the requirements of the European Toy safety standard EN 71-3.

Producing time - 2 weeks
The colors in the pictures may differ in real life.


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